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What isBOOST?

    BOOST is an acronym that stands for Business, Opportunity, Organized global outlook, Science and Technology and is part of a broader initiative BOOST-IE that also places a strong emphasis on Innovation and Entrepreneurship. This initiative, as applied to the STEM fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, is the essence of  BOOSTEM.

What is BOOSTEM?

    BOOSTEM is a collaboration among  the Asian Heritage Society, the U.S. Navy, Alliant International University, Cal State San Marcos and other academic and business partners to inspire and encourage underserved female middle school students of Asian and Hispanic descent to combine the innovative skills of an entrepreneur with an appreciation of science and technology.  The purpose  of the program, supported by San Diego Gas and Electric Company, Time Warner Cable and the community relations department of Barona Resort and Casino, is to prepare young girls for future careers in the rapidly changing technological and global landscape as innovators in science and research and as corporate leaders.

What is the BOOSTEM “boot camp” or workshop?

    This is a two-day program in a university setting that expands upon the pilot program and includes
/ Mentor modeling through interviews

/ Mentorship sharing of background and experience
/ Cube dimensional learning - project application in which students examine a scientific idea in all aspects and make it marketable
/ Examination of what it takes to succeed in business and what areas of scientific research are the most practical or will be the most profitable

/ The essence of communication and how to master it
/ How innovation  and creativity in STEM can be applied in a global business setting to gain a competitive edge in the future

/ Mastering the 4-most skills: analytical reasoning, critical thinking, problem solving, communication of ideas
/ Field trips to Navy installations and high-tech businesses to witness activity taking place in real time

What are the program goals?

/ To inspire young girls to enter careers in science and technology
/ To train and educate young girls how to assume roles of leadership  in corporations
/ To encourage young girls to consider entrepreneurship as a career goal
/ To evaluate student projects and award scholarships to the best ideas
/ To encourage girls to combine business and science as a career path

Why the focus on Asian and Hispanic females?

/ Asian and Hispanic females lag behind males in entering STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) high school programs and college career tracks.
/ When Title IX took effect in 1972, only 2 percent of major CEO positions were held by females.  Forty-one years later, that figure is only 3.8 percent. Less than 2 percent are held by Asian and Hispanic females.
/ Asian and Hispanic females are the smallest ethnic groups entering the STEM college track in engineering, yet have the highest rates of completion
/ The National Girls Collaborative Project attributes waning interest in females to lack of mentorship and  failure to sustain gender equity  through programs that combine projects, organizations , institutions and tools in a true collaborative process.

What is being said

    Tom Torlakson, California) Superintendent of Public Instruction: “As a science teacher, I am very pleased to see that the Asian Heritage Soci-ety’s leadership and mentorship program BOOSTEM … This partnership has the ambitious and commendable goal of increasing the number of underserved female students in STEM subjects. ”Admiral Jonathan W. Greenert, Chief of Naval Operations: This program “exemplifies the great strides your organization has made in enriching our society by promoting equal access to resources and educational opportunities for everyone, especially the next generation of achievers.” Congresswoman Susan B. Davis:“I admire or-ganizations like yours that put ideas into action and consistently celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit and support the growth of the U.S. economy.”
EM in everyday life. Upon completion of the program, they will be awarded a PPA* certificate.

The Asian Heritage Society and its BOOSTEM program can be reached through Address: 2920 First Ave. (G) San Diego, Ca. 92103
boost@asianheritagesociety.org Websites: www.asianheritagesociety.org / www.boostem.org Phone: 619-521-8008